Church attendance that’s done out of obligation.

By T.K. Rittenhouse

               I’ve often been told that I need to be in church. That it’s what I am supposed to do. I agree that it is important, more so for some than others. It strengthens the spirit, being with like-minded people. But there are those who can miss a few services and still hold on to their salvation. Some people have the foundations deeply embedded in their spirit. It doesn’t take encouragement for them to keep themselves from straying. No one has to push them to pray, to make them do the things that are pleasing to God. They are strong in their belief in God and their love for him. If you only show God love when you are in church, there is a problem! He should be like your first love as a human. Do you remember that boy or girl that stole your heart for the first time? Thoughts of Jesus and praises to him should be as natural during your day as breathing. I often find myself talking with God about how does he think my flowers look if I place them here or there. He is not just someone I communicate with on Sundays. He is part of my everyday life.

               People often think that if they don’t make every church service God is going to be angry and send something bad into their lives. This is attendance based on fear, not out of love. They gripe as they get dressed to do that once a week appearance and think God is happy with this? He wants you to make an appearance to better yourself, he doesn’t need improving. If you go just to ease your conscience, you might as well stay home. He doesn’t need anyone to go on his behalf. He wants you to go so you can learn his ways, so you can fellowship with believers. He wants you to go to have your spirit lifted and see that there is always hope. Hope comes before the manifestation of anything. If you have no hope, you cannot anticipate what awaits ahead.

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