Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds

By Kay Rittenhouse

If you paid someone to clean your car and it came out half done, what would you think? You’d be disgusted and would have a talk with the man. No one wants half done jobs! No one wants to have to point out every move that needs to be made to do a satisfactory job. No one really wants just a satisfactory job either, they want an excellent job. When you are doing a job in the church, don’t give God your sloppy seconds. You’re not just a body doing a job you’re a reflection of Christ. If you half do your job, then everyone will say, “That person needs to be replaced.”

I ran the website for a pastor in Oklahoma. If I didn’t do as much as I was capable of, it reflected on the church and the church reflects Christ. When I first started doing Evangelist Charlie and Shelly Rogers website, he knit picked everything. He asked me one day, “ Do you ever check your work?” Now I could have taken offense to this since I did this free of charge, but I didn’t. His knit-picking made me take notice of what I was doing. Before I knew it, I found myself becoming picky about my work.  I had one woman ask me for help with her site and I did, she said you can put your name on my site. I said, “No thanks, that site is terrible and I won’t be associated with it.”

In case you don’t know it, whatever job you have in the church, your name is attached to that job. Everyone is watching and expecting you to put your best foot forward. Don’t watch those beside you, don’t watch the kids, don’t play with your cell phone. Focus on your job and being the best you can be at it. God is watching you. Can’t you imagine him looking down at that second-hand sloppy job you’re doing and shaking his head? You are his only way to show others what he is about. Is he sloppy? He is not going to give you his sloppy seconds. So what are you giving him?

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