Use it or lose it!

Use it or lose it!

By Kay Rittenhouse

As we go along in our daily lives, how often do we stop and look around us? Do we listen to the birds singing, watch the branches of a tree swaying in the wind? While we sip on the morning cup of coffee do we consume a dose of fresh air that is provided by our maker? Have we really lifted our voices in thanks for all the simple, yet precious things in our lives? Life is filled with stress and many times that is all we focus on. Why do we do this?

God has said to cast our burdens on him. Why do we continue to do everything for ourselves? Is it because we think he can’t take care of them? Has society convinced us that he no longer exists? They have tried, that is for sure. But those who have a relationship with him know better. He is as much alive today as he was in the Old Testament.  He hasn’t changed, we have! He didn’t tell us to stop putting faith in him, men told us to do this. He hasn’t stopped providing for us, we just find it easier to let the government do it. Our faith has grown weak and our time has been consumed by the constant push for our attention. Our children and their activities, our friends whom we can’t say no to. Everything has replaced God these days and for it, our world suffers greatly. Fathers are no longer the head of the household in most families. In some homes, there is no father at all.

Every ounce of God that can be taken from our children has been done so by every means possible. Every ounce of respect for others has been thrown out the door. The generation has become a “ME” generation. A microwave society where everything has to be given now instead of waiting on God’s timing. Sometimes what we want at the time, isn’t what we were able to deal with at the time. Sometimes what we want will lead to our own destruction. What then? Then society wants someone else to bail us out or deal with the problem we are in.

The Bible that sits gathering dust on a table may one day be something that is a priceless artifact. Why? Because one day, those, like many of our freedoms may be taken away and forbidden. Use it while you have it, teach your children, don’t pass up the chance to get to know the only real truth while you have the freedom to do so.

Someone said to me, well what if there is no God? I replied, would it make a difference? Is there something wrong with doing the right thing and loving each other?  Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place if everyone were on the same page?

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