Give me something to give!

by Kay Rittenhouse

I have seen my share of struggles. I lived in a situation where there was not enough to make ends meet. One day as I was listening to a preacher, he told a story of a woman praying for God to send her some extra money and she would give it back to him since she had nothing of her own. Sure enough, a few days later she received a hundred dollars in the mail. She got so excited she went to the shoe store to buy a new pair of shoes and some other things. Heading home she remembered what she had promised God and was about to take her items back. She heard God say, “Just ask me again”, so she did. The next hundred came a few days later and she rushed to bring it to the church.

I thought, well, if she can do that I can too, so I did. Sure enough, I received a hundred dollars as a bonus and I gave it to the church. But, I forgot to take the hundred dollars off my checkbook. So I should have bounced the check for bills, but I didn’t. Eight months later the bank called me and said, “We found a deposit for a hundred dollars stuck in the night deposit. So I not only gave God his money but he let me keep his money also.